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Government Leather Institute

Our History

Government Leather Institute formerly known as Government Leather Working School was established at Kanpur Uttar Pradesh ( Erstwhile United Province) in October 1916 opposite to the famous “Lal Imli” Woolen mills on rented accommodation by the British Government due to the efforts of its first Head master Pandit Deena nath Razdan and started imparting training in December 1916 with a modest no of five students. During the tenure of Pandit Razdan itself the Gazetted post of Head master was upgraded to Principal, Late Pandit Razdan remained on the same till his retirement in 1932. Captain Laxmi Narayan Srivastava, who took over was a product of North hampton College of Technology (London) in Footwear and Leather Goods. He was also the States Official Leather Specialist. During world war II Shri. Laxminarayan Srivastava was deputed by the then Central Government to standardize the Leather and footwear goods procured for the Military. He was conferred with the Honorary rank of Captain for his services. In 1938 Shri. Kishan lal Muer joined the institute as Vice principal and was appointed the State’s Technical Surveyor of Leather later in 1941 he took over the charge of Principal. Due to the Independence Movement the Liberated mindset of the Society which looked down Leather craft as a job of lowercaste changed and the increase in the demand of footwear and saddlery during the world war , the Scientific approach towards the subject an increase in the number of students necessitated the institute to move to the new rented building situated in Chunniganj with amenities like workshops and Hostel.

Encouraged by the above under the able guidance of Late Captain L.N. Srivastava it was decided to Develop the training of Footwear Processing as an industry with the following objectives

  • To develop the Raw Hide Industry
  • To develop flaying and Carcass utilization and its by-products (Bones & Horns)
  • To develop Leather Tanning Industry
  • TO Develop Miscellaneous Leather Goods Manufacture including Harness Goods, Saddlery and Travel goods Industries
  • To establish Military Boot Repairing school (B.R.T.S)
  • To establish Small Model Tanneries and Leather Working Model Shops

Leather Working Schools were established with the above objectives in Dhaka, Chatgaon, Karachi, Gujarawala, Lahore, Rangoon and Singapore of the then undivided India.
Sri. Kishanlal Muer carried forward the unfinished dreams of Late Captan Srivastava and started two year certificate course in mechanized footwear production. Surgical boot and Shoe making course along with a pediscopic department ( Foot X-ray) and Effective production Centre was established and the Institute shifted permanently to its present location on Parwati bagl;a road,Souterganj in front of Elgin mills in 1954. Under his able guidance the following courses were introduced

  • National Leather Working Certificate Course
  • Post Matriculate Leather Working Course
  • Diploma in Leather Technology Course
  • High School ( Technical ) Course

The first two courses has been converted to Diploma in Leather Technology Footwear (Computer Aided Shoe Design and Diploma in Leather Technology Tanning) Later on the following aided leather working school were established across in state to promote the above

  • Municipal Leather Working School, Allahabad
  • Municipal Leather Working School, Varnasi
  • National Municipal Leather Working School, Sadauli, Barabanki
  • Anjuman islamiya Khalil Industrial School, Barelliey
  • Shia Yatimkhana leather working School, Lucknow
  • Yatimkhana Islamiya leather working School, Kanpur
  • Government Leather Working School, Meerut
  • Cooperative Leather working school, Dayalbagh, Agra

The following persons carried on the mantel of knowledge and craftsmanship skill during the above transformation of the institute from Government Leather Working Institute to Government Leather Institute

  • Sri. J.C. Sen
  • Sri. G. Roy Choudhary ( Officiating)
  • Sri. J.L. Saha
  • Sri. Mukhopadhaya ( Officiating)
  • Sri. B.B.L. Saxena ( Officiating)
  • Sri. J.P. Chaoudhary
  • Sri. O.K.Chonkar ( Officiating)
  • Sri. R.P.Shukla
  • Sri. R.K.Singh ( Offciating)
  • Sri. B.K.Pandey ( Officiating)
  • Dr. P.K.Awasthi (Officiating
  • Sri. Sandeep Kumar Singh
  • Sri. Shalendra Pratap Chaudhary
  • Sri. F.R. Khan
  • Smt. Kalpana Gaur
  • Sri. Vivek Mehrotra
  • Dr. Richa